13 July 2014

Printable Happy Poster or Craft Template

Happy Line Art Poster
Happy words to lift your spirits as you color or paint the words in this lettering design. This Happy line art poster can be used as a template for crafts, for any joyful or happy occasion. Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Graduation or Wedding - or just use the poster art as part of your vision board and gaze on your coloring masterpiece whenever you need a boost to your mood.

Happy coloring!

25 June 2014

Go Team USA - Olympic Coloring Page

Our family is getting ready for the summer games in Rio, rooting for Team USA from afar back home in the states.
USA Olympics Coloring Page

Here's a USA Olympic games coloring poster with flag, bubble letters and those famous 5 Olympic rings.  Line art suitable for coloring or fabric crafts. Team USA Olympics coloring page is free for non-commercial use in homes, schools, camps and clubs.


22 March 2014

Easter Wreath Mandala Design

Easter Mandala Printable
Happy Easter bubble letters are surrounded by all the symbols of the spring season: a border of eggs, tulip flowers, cute bunnies and a baby peep chick. These linen drawings are arranged in a complex design ready to print and color or use as a template for off paper crafts.

This Easter wreath or mandala type design is a new addition to the ClipArtandCrafts.com web site, in the holiday coloring pages.

Print out this Easter design  to color in, paint, or use as a craft template. The full size mandala design is a PDF file that prints without the copyright on the image.

Free for non-commercial use.

10 March 2014

Spiral Shamrocks Design Coloring Sheet

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock
Craft Pattern or Coloring Sheet
Indeed, shamrocks always make me think of Ireland and St. Patrick's Day. This design from my web site is no exception - the frame of bubble letters running all around the shamrock leaves no doubt this is a Happy St. Patrick's Day template you can color or use for making crafts and party favors.

Print out the full size design onto iron on paper to make a pattern for fabric painting or embroidery. Trace and cut using your favorite paper craft tools or cutter to make a stencil. Or just get out the colored pencils, water colors or crayons and decorate a big welcome greeting for your home, office or classroom. Shrink down the picture size and make your own stickers, button badges, gift tags or name tags.  Use it as a digital stamp or scrapbook embellishment.

Oh, and one other idea:  print onto card stock, then cut out the shamrock shape in the center and use it to frame a favorite photo or make a window-front greeting card.

Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Line Art - coloring page or craft pattern

02 January 2014

Santa Claus Beard Creativity Sheet

Santa Beard Poster Coloring Sheet
Oops!  I designed this Santa beard creative template for my web site coloring pages at ClipArtandCrafts.com  and then forgot to post about it in November or December.

Technically, it's still Christmas. I'm sharing it now a just after New Year's Day because it's just too fun to save until next December and we haven't yet reached Twelfth Night.

This PDF printable has so many holiday uses: it's a coloring page or a digital stamp, or it could even become a unique Santa letter sheet or greeting card.

Add your own colors to the Merry bubble letters and background, then add beard details, notes, pictures or whatever inspires you to Santa Claus' fluffy beard.

Printable, downloadable is for personal, noncommercial use only. This design will be included in my 2014 holiday collection of full color imprints at Zazzle.

Happy Holidays - peace, love and happy crafting in 2014 to you all.


04 December 2013

Reason for the Season - Simple Nativity Coloring Page

With all the shopping frenzy surrounding Black Friday, Cyber Monday and this year's Thanksgiving in the US falling very late in the month, it's tempting to forget about the basis for Christmas as a religious holiday.

Here's a simple nativity scene coloring page that even the littlest angel could manage to color in, or you can make several easy crafts using the design as a template printed on heavy paper or card stock.

Use glitter glue or clear glue to trace along the lines and then sprinkle with glitter.

This design would make a handy craft template for pierced paper on cardstock in white or light blue. Punch evenly spaced holes along the lines of the design in a sheet of heavy paper or vellum.  Glue or tape two simple easel stands or pieces of short folded paper to the sides, then place it in front of a battery operated votive or single electric candle. If you make it small enough you might be able to roll the sheet of paper into a tube and tape the ends together.

simple nativity coloring page
Nativity Scene Craft Template or Coloring Picture

26 July 2013

Oak Leaves Poster Coloring Challenge

Detailed Oak Leaf  Coloring Poster
If you love a challenging coloring page, get ready to spend a few hours or more on this design with jumbled oak leaves in a pile.

I originally created this poster as a design pattern coloring page for adults or teens, but it's also a good background graphic to use for fall posters, flyers, menus or scrapbook pages.

Full size printable oak leaves pattern coloring page is free for noncommercial use at www.clipartandcrafts.com.

Share this freebie on your favorite social site with a link back here or to the main web site page.

Printable oak leaf pattern design complex coloring sheet is ready for download from the design posters coloring section.

09 July 2013

Great White Shark Coloring Picture

The weather's been sooo hot even up here in Vermont for the past week or more, so everyone's heading to beaches to cool off. The ocean is our favorite place for swimming (well, after a cool mountain creek or Beebe Lake) in the good old summertime, but even in New England there's a chance you'll need to get out of the water because a shark is cruising the coastline.

The film Jaws was filmed off the island beaches of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

The great white that was spotted swimming in the Cape Cod area this spring inspired my drawing of a printable shark coloring sheet. Add your own details - waves, swimmers, clouds, boats or ick - body parts.

27 June 2013

Betsy Ross Flag Poster

July 4th Coloring Page - leehansen.com
The Spirit of 1776 is represented in a coloring poster with word art and the symbol of US Independence, the Betsy Ross flag.

Betsy Ross Flag coloring poster is a free printable for personal, noncommercial use. Print it out (8.5" x 11") for July 4th crafts or kids activities.

30 April 2013

Love Boston Design Template

Love Boston Template
Simple heart and Boston bubble letters, printable template for coloring or use as a tattoo design or non-paper craft pattern.

Boston Heart Line Art

23 January 2013

Be My Valentine Angel Digital Art

Valentine Art
Cute little digital art angel is flying by to deliver a heart and ask the receiver to Be My Valentine. Brand new line art from LeeHansen.com is ready to use as a digital stamp, DIY clip art or Valentine coloring page.

This cute love angel picture is simple enough to use as a template for pieced paper crafts or stitchery, or set it up as a glitter picture for the crafty kids in your home, too. If you've got a craft cutter, this design will convert easily to a die cut template.

Be My Valentine Angel Coloring Page is a freebie printable for noncommercial, personal or classroom use. Happy Valentine's Day!

I Love You Sign Language Coloring Page

I Love You Sign
Simple but sweet, a hand making the I love you sign language gesture, with a heart shape in the background.

Sign Language Coloring Page: I Love You