28 December 2008

Make a New Year Party Mask

Funky Eyeglasses Coloring Mask

Print on card stock, then decorate this star-trimmed eyeglass mask and assemble to make a funny eye mask that's all your own design. Use this mask craft for Mardi Gras crafts, birthday party activities or good old fancy dress fun.

16 December 2008

Free Coloring Book Pages: Christmas Coloring Craft Sheet

Christmas Craft - Bookmark Gift Tags
Ready to color sheet with 4 bookmarks that can also be gift tags: holly, gingerbread kids, poinsettia flowers, ornament and Christmas tree.

Free Coloring Book Pages: Christmas Coloring Craft Sheet

19 November 2008

Gingerbread Boys and Gingerbread Girls

gingerbread cookie coloring ornamentsGingerbread Kids Coloring Craft Sheet

This sheet of cookie-shaped coloring ornaments is ready for all sorts of holiday fun.

1) Print a sheet or two on heavy paper and color these cute gingerbread characters with markers - or use your computer to add some colorful pizazz.

2) Print a sheet of gingerbread cookie kids on tan card stock then add a red or green ribbon to use these gingerbread kids coloring cards as gift tags. Or, string them together hand to hand with ribbon ties between to make a garland for your holiday doorway, wall or Christmas tree.

3) Print a sheet onto sticker paper, cut apart and use them for labels on your REAL baked goodies.

Gingerbread kids coloring ornaments

14 October 2008

Halloween Coloring Printables

Halloween Coloring - Trick or Treat Witch
Kids love to color and it's a perfect activity for Halloween parties if you can find lots of Halloween pictures to color. I found a blog that's ONLY about Halloween coloring. It's got dozens of links to free printable Halloween pages.

Click the link to find Halloween Coloring Fun - Free Printables

30 September 2008

Adult Coloring Designs: Starry Wheel Coloring Mandala

Adults and older kids will enjoy coloring this starry wheel-form mandala picture with whirling ribbons and stars. It's got lots of movement.

The stars and bands mandala offers many different artist interpretations as a coloring poster, depending on the color palette used. It could be a patriotic poster with stars and stripes, a fairyland spiral design with magical pathways or even a Christmas decoration with stars and ribbon bands.

Then again, it could become very psychedelic.

I'm thinking this might make a cool pierced paper design, too.

Adult Coloring Designs: Starry Wheel Mandala

21 September 2008

Coloring Crafts - Easy Creative Design

Coloring pages are the simplest arts and crafts activity for young children. Coloring pictures is a popular art activity at senior centers. Coloring pictures with complex designs are a favorite for art therapy or adult relaxation and meditation.

But there is so much more you can do with a simple coloring picture besides adding color with crayon, pencil, paint, markers chalk. Coloring crafts take coloring pictures to the next level.

You can use coloring pages to design other crafts or patterns for creative design.

For example:

More Coloring Crafts Projects and Ideas

29 August 2008

08 August 2008

Dia de Los Muertos Mask

Day of the Dead (el Dia de los Muertos) Skeleton Mask Coloring Project

Use the lines in this coloring design as a suggestion and add to the design. Decorate this skull mask with bright colors or use the picture to design a Day of the Dead embroidery pattern for a jacket or shirt.

Halloween Coloring Fun

02 August 2008

Coloring Pages - An Enduring Favorite of Kids and Adults

Say what you will about coloring pictures, they're an all time favorite of children and adults. The anti-coloring movement may foster the idea that coloring books hinder creative development or are too confining for a child's artistic activities.


Coloring books are only limiting to artistic expression when they're presented in that manner.

It's okay to color outside the lines. Of course we can make a horse blue with pink stars on his back. And hey, why not cut out a coloring picture and glue it down on a mural we're making? Or better still, let's use a coloring picture (or a good bit from it) to make our own iron on transfer that could become a tee shirt, embroidered panel or a quilt block?

This designer loves coloring book pictures, and has since childhood. If you or your kids want to color in pictures that someone else has drawn, go ahead. And feel free to encourage "adding to" any coloring picture. The simpler pictures foster this kind of creative expression, so find coloring books and coloring pictures that leave room for your imagination and don't fill up the entire sheet with "lines" you must follow.

Adult Coloring Fun
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