02 August 2008

Coloring Pages - An Enduring Favorite of Kids and Adults

Say what you will about coloring pictures, they're an all time favorite of children and adults. The anti-coloring movement may foster the idea that coloring books hinder creative development or are too confining for a child's artistic activities.


Coloring books are only limiting to artistic expression when they're presented in that manner.

It's okay to color outside the lines. Of course we can make a horse blue with pink stars on his back. And hey, why not cut out a coloring picture and glue it down on a mural we're making? Or better still, let's use a coloring picture (or a good bit from it) to make our own iron on transfer that could become a tee shirt, embroidered panel or a quilt block?

This designer loves coloring book pictures, and has since childhood. If you or your kids want to color in pictures that someone else has drawn, go ahead. And feel free to encourage "adding to" any coloring picture. The simpler pictures foster this kind of creative expression, so find coloring books and coloring pictures that leave room for your imagination and don't fill up the entire sheet with "lines" you must follow.

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