30 April 2009

27 April 2009

May Day - Lei Day

May Day is the first of May, and it's a fun-filled spring holiday marked by the creation and exchange of flower-filled baskets - May baskets.

In Hawaii, May Day is Lei Day. You can make a flower-necklace lei of your own design with this Hawaiian lei coloring craft sheet.

Print out as many sheets of ready to color lei coloring pages as you need, color in all the flowers and leaves, then cut out and string together to make your May Day-Lei Day Hawaiian flower necklace.

Go Fly a Kite

go fly a kite coloring pageSpring days with billowing breezes make great kite-flying weather.

Childrens Day in Japan is celebrated in early May; kids make carp kites and fly them in the parks. No matter what the weather, you can celebrate spring with this kite coloring page.

15 April 2009

My First Bike Coloring Picture

Remember your first bike? Not your motorcycle or 10-speed. Think back before that ... to the little bike with three wheels and pedals on the front wheel with a metal frame and streamers hanging from the handle grips.

The bike that you could ride on the sidewalk- your trike. If you were feeling really cool, you'd let your little sister or brother stand on the "bumper" and catch a ride along with you.

Here's a tricycle coloring book page for all you early easy riders to color.

06 April 2009

Riding Time Chopper Coloring Page

adult coloring, harley chopper motorcycleSnow and ice are gone from the streets, so it's time to hit the road on the iron horse - or at least dream about it. 

Print and color this chopper motorycycle coloring sheet, easy rider.

02 April 2009

Easter Coloring Card

Print, decorate and fold a free Easter eggs greeting card to color with your pencils, markers or crayons. You can even add some glitter to make it extra festive.

Inside lettering in purple says Wishing you an eggs-cellent Easter.

Many other Easter card designs in this collection, including a set of full color Easter cards - just print, fold and send.