14 December 2010

Mandala Coloring Pages

Sometimes it's fun to color a design that's not organic or based on reality but one with more imaginative geometric symmetry, like a kaleidoscope design or a mandala.

You can use paint, markers or colored pencils to add your favorite hues to decorate your mandala coloring picture, or you can print off your favorite design to use as a pattern for embroidery, sand painting, mosaics or patchwork.

Mandala Coloring Books has dozens of free resources for you. Enjoy.

16 November 2010

Fall Leaves and Acorns Coloring Page

Oak leaves and acorns for the squirrels and deer are sure signs that autumn is here. Print and color in this fall leaves coloring page with your favorite crayons, colored pencils or water colors. Or get creative and use this artwork as a craft pattern for yourself or your favorite kiddos.

I used this drawing to create an iron on transfer. I want to use the iron ons to make washable fabric Thanksgiving place mats. I'll embroider some and give a few to the kids to decorate with fabric markers. We can use the place mats every year for the entire fall season.

If I sew up the place mats from recycled white sheets they'll be a doubly-green holiday craft project. Find lots more printable coloring pages in the Thanksgiving coloring pages collection at Pastiche Family Portal.

10 September 2010

Fall Season Coloring Activity

All the leaves have fallen from this autumn tree. Add some fall leaf coloring shapes or cut outs of colorful fall clip art leaves and other autumn pictures to this printable tree poster. You can also color in the scene and paste on real leaves you collect in your neighborhood or yard.

4 Seasons Coloring Pages - Fall leaves coloring activity page

19 August 2010

Simple Stars Pattern

Shapes intrigue me and stars are one of my favorites. Stars are brilliant and I don't mean that as a pun - they're suitable for all sorts of decoration or design work and can symbolize anything from heavenly bodies to holiday sparkle to magic to a knock on the head. You can color stars white or yellow or any color you like, make them look like a quilted design or you can give them a cute face.

What can you design with this sheet of stars coloring page?

Mandala Coloring Page

This is a challenging circular design to color, but isn't that the point with a coloring mandala?

I like the openness of this mandala. It  has some blank areas that will allow me to add my own designs or doodles.Even better: the page it's on has 11 more printable coloring page mandala drawings.

04 August 2010

Race Cars Coloring Printables

Race lovers, rev up your engines - we've got printable sheets of cool cars of all sorts, ready for you to color.

 NASCAR coloring pages, race car coloring sheets, hot rod cars to color, classic cars coloring pages, Disney Pixar cars coloring sheets, and yes, even international racing cars printable coloring pages!

14 June 2010

Flag Day Coloring Page

Color in the red, white stripes and blue field behind the stars on the USA flag coloring poster - today is Flag Day!

31 March 2010

Spring Lambs Coloring Sheet

Baby animals arrive in the spring, along with new grass and fresh flowers as the earth renews herself.

Enjoy this printable baby lambs coloring page - just in time for Easter or any spring celebration.

16 March 2010

Shamrocks Coloring Sheet Printable

Shamrocks coloring sheet for St. Patrick's Day arts and crafts fun. Color with pencil, marker or crayons, or use these clover outlines to create stencils for other Celtic crafts.

12 February 2010

Flower Power VW Bus Coloring Sheet

Add your own groovy decorations to this VW bus coloring page. It's only one of a whole set of design posters and complex pictures to color - for adult coloring, craft designs or a trip down memory  lane.