26 January 2011

Review: Creative Platypus Coloring Crafts for Adults and Kids

The creative folks over at Creative Platypus, LTD in Eugene Oregon recently sent me a sample packet of their popular adult coloring products to play with and review. The samples I received are spread all over the studio right now, and it's hard to decide which one to try out first. They include two types of adult coloring crafts: quality line art drawings and black velvet coloring crafts.

The collection of artistic coloring posters features beautifully detailed drawings by different artists, each printed on heavy white stock. The coloring posters in my sample set range in size from 10" x 14" mini-posters printed with detailed outline drawings of endangered species, wildlife, fairies and pets to a challenging, highly detailed   22" x 32.5" surrealistic cats art poster.

My favorite in this set is the cats art poster. It's an engaging drawing of 2 cats stepping out of a picture frame that looks like a window and into a reading room filled with books, flora and fauna. A mouse sits on the table reading a book by candle light while birds perch on the picture frame watching as the cats reach for a fishbowl. This big (22" x 32") poster is delightful as a black and white drawing; when colored with markers or colored pencils it will be a gorgeous work of art to frame or mount.

The second collection in the samples is a set of heavy outline fuzzy black velvet coloring craft pieces in various sizes and shapes featuring both secular and Christian themes. The smallest black velvet outline pieces are sturdy die-cuts printed on extra heavy card stock and fitted with hangers or magnetic backing. These ready to color in and create door hangers and small signs could be gifts for friends or family members. Also included in this set is a large square velvet poster with a Celtic mandala and a set of four Christan mini posters.

A unique activity piece round out the velvet outline pieces:  a double-sided 10" x 16" die-cut cross with a floral velvet coloring craft on one side and on the back a series of scene panels filled with people, animals and angels. The back features a word puzzle plus a hidden picture game with more content available for the activity at the web site. They also offer a package of holiday fuzzy hanging crosses to color.

Stuff2Color artists and creative minds at Creative Platypus have put together a collection of wonderful coloring crafts that will appeal to older kids and adults. If you're looking for artistic resources for your classroom or home school students, teen or adult activity group or even just for yourself, visit Stuff2Color.com to see what they have to offer.

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