26 July 2013

Oak Leaves Poster Coloring Challenge

Detailed Oak Leaf  Coloring Poster
If you love a challenging coloring page, get ready to spend a few hours or more on this design with jumbled oak leaves in a pile.

I originally created this poster as a design pattern coloring page for adults or teens, but it's also a good background graphic to use for fall posters, flyers, menus or scrapbook pages.

Full size printable oak leaves pattern coloring page is free for noncommercial use at www.clipartandcrafts.com.

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Printable oak leaf pattern design complex coloring sheet is ready for download from the design posters coloring section.

09 July 2013

Great White Shark Coloring Picture

The weather's been sooo hot even up here in Vermont for the past week or more, so everyone's heading to beaches to cool off. The ocean is our favorite place for swimming (well, after a cool mountain creek or Beebe Lake) in the good old summertime, but even in New England there's a chance you'll need to get out of the water because a shark is cruising the coastline.

The film Jaws was filmed off the island beaches of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

The great white that was spotted swimming in the Cape Cod area this spring inspired my drawing of a printable shark coloring sheet. Add your own details - waves, swimmers, clouds, boats or ick - body parts.